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Why is it advised not to mix valium with alcohol?

Mixing Valium with alcohol may amplify the calming effect that the medication delivers in response to anxiety and so is the cause behind the trend that the users are following these days. But will this combination really do any good down the road? Before you decide to expose your body to this ‘not so good’ combo, bring your attention towards the effects that it may cause on your health.

Valium and alcohol

Valium With AlcoholValium, a benzodiazepine, is an FDA-approved drug, which can be purchased from local drug store or from reputed online store like Exlpharmacy.com for the treatment of anxiety, muscle spasms as well as withdrawal symptoms that follow alcohol addiction. Valium contains an active ingredient diazepam which is responsible for its central nervous system (CNS) depressing effect. It brings down excessive electrical impulses, thereby relieving the users from seizures, muscle spasms and other symptoms of anxiety through its tranquilizing effect. Additionally, this mechanism of action is also known to cause euphoria and feeling of being high.

Now, in order to intensify this pleasant feeling, users tend to mix Valium with alcohol, since both of these substances cause a similar effect on the brain. As a result, the brain and the body are exposed to super-effect that they are not used to deal with, ending up into unwanted effects.

Effects of the deadly combination of valium and alcohol

Although Valium for mild stress has received a green signal on grounds of safety for use as per health care provider’s recommendation and strictly within the prescription limit, this is no surprise that an overdose of Valium or mixing Valium with alcohol or other drugs can be fatal.

Few of the common side effects that can result from Valium-alcohol combo include alcohol poisoning, dizziness, drowsiness, loss of consciousness, impaired coordination and motor skills, poor decision-making ability, reduced CNS functioning, shallow breathing and memory issues.

It has also been reported that addictive effect of alcohol and Valium can damage liver since both Valium and alcohol metabolism are associated with this vital organ functioning. Respiratory arrest may also be caused by reducing electrical activity actually suppresses some of the vital signals that are involved in various signaling pathways including respiration.

Apart from these fatal effects, coma and brain damage may also occur due to complications of overdose, drug-drug interactions and addiction that makes resisting from either of the drugs a difficult process.

Are the effects resulting from mix of valium and alcohol curable?

It needs no more explanation to state why it is a big NO to the playful idea of mixing two brain depressants; alcohol and Valium. But what if you or your loved one is already a victim of it? Fortunately, both alcoholism, as well as Valium addiction, is a treatable condition. Several strategies such as detox services and outpatient and inpatient treatment followed by aftercare therapy are available to help the addicts get out of the trap and resist one from consuming excess alcohol, Valium or the deadly combination of both.

But as said, prevention is better than cure. It is always better to be careful with the drugs and take them strictly as prescribed. Taking them irresponsibly is equivalent to setting a stage for their fatal effects.